Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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High court lashes out at Kejriwal govt for bad condition of Delhi and its people.

High court lashes out at Kejriwal govt for bad condition of Delhi

The court slammed the AAP led-Delhi government saying its entire system has failed as black marketing of oxygen cylinders and crucial medicines for treating Covid-19 patients is going on. “This is a mess that you have been unable to resolve,” the court said.

“Our confidence in you is shaken. You set your house in order. If you can’t manage, tell us. We will ask Central government to take over”, high court said

The court further said, “If you are not able to manage then tells us, we will ask Centre Govt officer to take over (the refilling unit).”

A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli observed it was not the time to become vultures. “Are you aware of black marketing? Is it a good human gesture?” the bench said to oxygen refillers.

The HC issued a contempt notice and asked the Delhi government to take action against erring cylinder dealers. The court also told the government to take black marketers in custody, saying “you have powers to take action.”

The court told the government that it has to pull up its socks with respect to the distribution of not only liquid oxygen but also oxygen cylinders. “There’s no account being kept on how they’re further supplying O2 to hospitals/individuals, leading to an artificial black market,” the court said.

The court also directed the AAP government to take account of stock, sale of COVID-19 medicines, Remdisivir, Fabiflu, and Tocilizumab at hospitals’ pharmacies.


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